Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Buffalo Jeans : Creative Ads...

I have a T-shirt with the message printed on it - “Great Ideas feel right in the Gut...”

I completely agree with the above statement. Any intelligent or meaningful idea appeals to me and moves me. The advertisements, be it on T.V. or Radio or in the Newspaper or on the Sign Board on road or anywhere in any form, are no exceptions. I always enjoy Hat ke Ads.

I came across these very creative and innovative kinds of Ads across Ville Parle railway station of western suburbs of Mumbai today morning. All the platforms carried these big hoardings of Buffalo Jeans wear which set me look at them carefully and thinking for a while. There were three-four different concepts. I would like to discuss them with reasons why I found them interesting, different than the rest of the ads and why I liked them.

Each of these Ads had a big Hindi letter written along with a word starting with that letter which was the concept of the picture. One ad had " श - शुरुआत ". It displayed five-six youngsters jumping from the fence of a field/fence (as if showing they are trying to run free from all the day-to-day tensions of the world and enjoy their youth!) All of them wearing Buffalo Jeans wear.(It reminded me of the movie ‘Rang De Basanti’, specially the scene where all the heroes remove their shirts and run freely along with an aero plane flying from just above their heads).This picture clicked with me instantly!
Another hoarding shown a Bengali lady sitting with her family including an old man, enjoying their meals as their hosts – three-four youngsters, wearing Buffalo Jeans were serving them the food. It made a nice picture of an Indian Tradition of greeting the guest like God! Appropriately it bore the letter-word combination:
स – सत्कार

Third Ad was a beautiful picture of five – six youngsters singing and dancing on the roof of a Bus wearing Buffalo Jeans and they all had this typical rock-star types hippy look with curly long hairs, white kurta and colourful muffler and with musical instruments like guitar, manjiras (cymbals), keyboard etc. (This picture resembled the scene in bollywood number ‘Chal Chhaiya Chhaiya…’).The theme here was “ भ – भक्ति

The last hoarding was a touchy picture of two-three youngsters wearing Buffalo Jeans and all drenched in the pouring Rain water and teaching football to two street children. It displayed the Hindi letter – word “ प - पाठशाला
Though these ads would seem very ordinary at first glance, yet they were classy and had a meaningful concept behind each theme and there was this Indianness in them with which I guess we all would connect. It appealed to me very much.

Advertisements like these make deep impact on the minds of the audience, if not consciously then may be subconsciously. ‘Buffalo Jeans’ has surely got a new customer – Me!

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