Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Earth Hour This Saturday...Batti Bandh Please!!!

Citizens from across the globe, in hundreds of cities around the world are switching their lights off on March 27 , 2010 for one hour, from 08:30 PM to 09:30 PM, to raise their voice against Climate Change.India is also going to be one of the participants of this program.Tell your family, friends and colleagues about WWF Earth Hour, and ask them to join in and switch off for a healthy planet.

If you are thinking what would one do during this dark one hour...then my friends....there is lot that can be done...just a few creative thoughts...

---> You may sit with your family members and can have a candle - light talk/dinner/ antakshari session...!!!
---> You may convince your other locality friends and play some game in your area in this dark hour!
---> Sleep! (its winter so fans are anyway not required!)
---> Don't do anything ...!just sit idle/ meditate/ make the plans for what to do onthe new year eve!
---> Talk with your other friends/relatives on your phone/mobile
---> Anything which you can think of doing in the darkness!!!

Please be a part of this drive...and spread awareness about Climate Change/Global energy...and Be Responsible.....!!!

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Today's Politicians Vs Mahatma Gandhi

I saw Mayawati's pictures in the newspaper with the garland of currency notes worth of Lakhs of Rupees. The report said just a week back she was presented with the same kind of Crore Rupee worth garland and a leader of her party also announced that Behenjee will be now greeted with same type of currency note garlands in all future occasions. This is the same Mayawati who had been in news a couple of months back for getting erected crores of rupees worth statues in her state Uttar Pradesh. (When our leaders would be in news for all the right reasons?)I could not help myself from drawing a comparison between today's leaders like Mayawati and the great father of the nation - Gandhijee. 'Dalit ki Beti' became 'Daulat ki Beti' as rightly quoted in the newspaper and Gandhijee even left the routine clothes & chose to wear just the khadi dhoti for poor country people. Former the showcase of ostentation & wealth, latter true living-example of leadership. How can I even compare the two?
At least Mayawati did it publicly. (Again let me clarify, by no way I am trying to justify wearing garlands of currency notes. I strongly oppose this idea.) There are so many other politicians (I will not use the word ‘Leaders’) who do take bribes under the table and are totally corrupted.
There is another breed of politicians who simply love to remain in news for all wrong reasons. A couple of days back, BNHS (Bombay Nature History Society) head-quarter was attacked and the word 'Bombay' in the name was replaced in the night by some shiv sainiks (how can they be called sainiks. Do they protect people in anyway?) by a board with a board bearing word 'Mumbai' in Marathi script. What good it will do to public at large? They just want to be in limelight by keeping the flame of their so called Marathi-issue burning. Do they think that this kind of acts will help them increase their vote bank? Strong supporter of Marathi-cause Raj Thackerey, even after a few years of the name change 'Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus'(CST) from old 'Victoria Terminus'(VT) kept referring to CST as VT in his public address not single time but multiple times. This is clear example of his double standards. The issues created by his sena or shiv sena are simply vote bank gimmicks and they have nothing to do with true Marathi pride or whatever they claim. Children of some of these sena workers are not studying in Marathi but English medium schools. They keep protesting people from other states, caste and communities coming to Mumbai and threaten organizations and companies to give priority to local Maharashtriyans but have hired non-Marathi people personally in their houses and offices according to recent news. Mahatma Gandhi practiced what he preached. But why again am I even talking about a legendary like him while discussing about the petty politicians of today. There can not be any comparison between them.
I wish younger lot among today's political field players like Rahul Gandhi, Sachin Pilot, Milind Deora, Agatha Sangama come forward and do some good work to take India at a new height of development and success.

Friday, March 5, 2010

My Tweets in Jan - Feb 2010...

* Happy New Year to all the Twitters!!! Happy 2010...
11:46 AM Dec 31st, 2009

* What a unique way to start a new fresh year!I have almost completed 2 shows of my play out of 21 tobe performed in a row in 7days...enjoyin!
5:42 AM Jan 1st

* 5th shw of our Bhagwat play attended by VaishnavGuru VaishaliBetiji.She blessed us all & liked our shw.we all r vry happy!
6:55 AM Jan 2nd

* 3days of Bhagawat Mahayagna almost over.
6:29 AM Jan 3rd

* 3days of Bhagawat Mahayagna almost over.V have finished 8 shows in a row & yet 13 more to go!v r completely 'Bhagawatmay'!Bhagwat rocks!
6:32 AM Jan 3rd

* Almst the entire team of Bhagwat is staying at bunglow in Borivali.It's like picnic & loads of fun!fighting 4 bathroom now..!
7:11 PM Jan 3rd

* Having group break-fast, lunch or dinner is so much fun!Maharaj made a tasty dinner lst night&nice theplas for breakfast now!
8:38 PM Jan 3rd

* It's a mammoth task 2 do 21shows in 7days in a row.Lot mny un4seen things nvr-thot-of crops up.Bt v completd 13shws alrdy.Hop 8mr go nicely

* Since last four days we are cut-off from the outside world & r living a new diff life.completd 14 shows of Bhagwat in lst 4dys.7 more 2 go
6:37 AM Jan 5th

* Rehearsing @2 in the night for tmrw's 2 hindi shows of 'Bhagwat' aftr havin group-dinner with team.last 2 days of our mahayagna left now!
1:13 PM Jan 5th

* Last night here @Mangalya Bnglows & we-bhagwat team having grt time!tmrw last day of our Bhagwat Mahayagnya.We wd miss being tgthr a lot...
12:00 PM Jan 6th

* 21st show of OmShreemadBhagwat will start in a few minutes!In a few moments 7 day Mahayagnya will b ovr.we wd miss it like anythin!
7:17 AM Jan 7th

* I felt as if I hv cm into a new diff. World tdy aftr staying disconnected from routine life 4 Bhagwat Mahayagnya.feeling vry vry different!
5:09 AM Jan 8th

* change is the only constant in life.wht wd we be & hw wd life be without change!we shd embrace change, for good...
5:12 AM Jan 8th

* Though I enjyed evry bit of Bhagwat Mahayagnya - 21 continuous shows in lst 7 days,I feel relyxed now.evry thing shall come 2 a graceful end
5:16 AM Jan 8th

* sight of setting,orange sun is so beautiful!Look like a bindi on sky's forehead!I guess I shd leave office early evrydy 2 enjoy this sight!
4:44 AM Jan 11th

* A blind man with his stick was passing frm opp. Pltfrm on malad stn.Kind of funny & long stare a lady standing thr gave him made me laugh!
8:25 PM Jan 11th

* Pretty excited to run in tmrw's marathon.goin now 2 cllct the running kit & feeling the flair here already on the way..!
2:25 AM Jan 16th

* Oh this goodie-running-kit contains so many good items!I jst took a long walk on marin drv promend up2 chrnird flaunting my cute goodie bag!
5:09 AM Jan 16th

* Its a wndrful experience 2 enjoy sunset sitting at marine drive.u feel as if u r in a diff. World!
5:10 AM Jan 16th

* Yippeee...I am going 2 run Dream Marathon Mumbai'10...So mny othr runners in thier sports-corport wear on Malad stn as well as in the train!
5:59 PM Jan 16th

* Mumbai has caught Marathon-fever!!!The excitement is in the air and in the spirit of Mumbai now!!!
6:01 PM Jan 16th

* Marathon was a gr8 experience.After it I have become health conscious & started enjoying walking..!
5:38 AM Jan 19th

* U feel good when u rise early & start ur day early in the mornin.A walk in fresh morning air charges u up!why I don't wakeup early everyday?
6:07 PM Jan 21st

* Had an incredible experience enjoying 3D Avatar @imax wadala.Mst watch.Superb.Outstanding.Absolutely Amazing!See with ur family,a gr8 gift!
10:14 AM Jan 24th

* Wearing smthin different ocassionally @ office gives gr8 change & a nice feeling!I always enjoy it!Tdy my whole team supprtd me!It ws fun!!
8:13 AM Jan 25th

* Tdy me & my team wore white kurta-pajama & tricolor dupatta(specially designed for tdy) in the office.We got special attention by evrybdy!
8:10 AM Jan 25th

* I love indian carnatic music vry mch.It has power 2 touch ur soul & tk u 2 a diff. World.enjyin MorningRaga songs now which r dear 2 my hrt!
Jan 25th

* Finally I got connected to internet thru my mobile while roamimg in gujarat.Feeling gr8!wd chk my mails & then tweet!ciao!
9:12 AM Jan 31st

* Joined gym after more than 7 years from 1st Feb. All my muscles paining a lot today but hv no cmplaints abt it!Soon I will b in shape!!!
6:44 AM Feb 4th

* 3rd edition of my first three gujarati books & 2nd edition of my 4th gujarati book r being publishd.Yippeee!I m 2 glad!!
7:17 AM Feb 4th

* Why this happns always @busstop?whn we r waitin 4 a specific bus,it will nvr come 4 long time.At othr times same number bus comes in lots!
5:57 AM Feb 6th

* This also happens invariably tht whn v hv 2 rch sm plc in time, we get late,get stuck in traffic & so on..!
5:58 AM Feb 6th

* @antik: smbdy commented me on my tummy on annual day of NSE.That motivated me to join gym!Also I wanna sty fit...
7:42 AM Feb 6th

* Jst visited a temple whr SandhyaAarti was going on.Dholak was being played by a lady & so were Manjiras.Aarti singer was too a lady.liked i!
7:48 AM Feb 6th

* It's vry good tht Rahul Gandhi trvlld by m'bai locals bt he shd hv tried ctchin local frm malad durin mornin peak hrs.He cdn't ctch it only
8:33 PM Feb 7th

* It's unfortunate tht 'My Name Is Khan' could not release in M'bai.I saw it tdy in Mahesana-Gujarat.It's a wndrful movie.Mst watch.Don't miss
9:50 AM Feb 12th

* I was wrong in writing MNIK couldn't release in M'bai.But I m happy to knw that it did.It was 2nd slap on sena's face!Hope this wake them up
1:24 AM Feb 13th

* @antik : look who is talking. Ishqiya ka plan banate waqt kisi ne mere baare me socha tha?btw, how was it? Or let me ask did u guys go 4 it
1:28 AM Feb 13th

* Can u write ur mind truly & opnly on an open space like this?atleast i dont think i can!wht if the prsn about whom i write,read it?
6:55 AM Feb 16th

* A good song /music can enhance ur mood!A song from khamoshi did it to me!I m cheerful & happy since morning!
11:48 PM Feb 17th

* Two holidays of the weekend now!what a relief!How life would have been without weekend holidays,I wonder!!
8:05 AM Feb 19th

* Going 2 attnd 9thGujarati Transmedia Films&Stage award night tdy with my dad.Would be thr between a gamut of gujju entertainment industry.
4:50 AM Feb 20th

* Things gettin bck 2 normlcy in offc now.Omkar rtrnd aftr 2.5mnths typhoid brk.2new ppl joind my team.We got a new SnrMngr too...
8:24 AM Feb 24th

* Today I spent the whole day with my loving wife Ami.Did holi darshan,learnt littl scooty drivin &saw was good!
10:23 AM Feb 28th

* Lst 2 lst holi @ GoraiBeach,lst holi with my OmShrimadBhagwat nt celebrtin holi this yr anywhr :-( nyway,Hppy&clrful Holi 2 all!
9:07 PM Feb 28th