Wednesday, July 30, 2008

People Never Forget How You Treat Them…

Never treat people badly because they never forget how you treated them. And why should you treat anybody badly? There are enough tensions, stresses, problems in everybody’s lives, why not spread little happiness by a good genuine smile and make their interaction with you better. This will also make the person you gave that smile to, feel good and in turn make you feel better.

Some people always wear that weary look on their face that you don’t feel like communicating with them, some others go to extreme and have such disdainful look on their face that you don’t at all feel like looking at them, forget communicating. Imagine the state of a person working under such a guy!

On the other hand, there are people who always have that cheerful smile on their face which make them look cute! Even if such people are busy in their own life, you always feel approaching them, in need and they will also welcome you with genuine concern. How lucky are those who have such a Boss!

I would like to share two recent incidences of my life with you all. One good and one bad. Generally, I don’t like sharing bad things. But this bad incident I will share with you all anyways so that you also learn something from it and abstain from behaving in bad manner with others.

First I will share the good experience. I had some work in the Degree Engineering College I had bidden a good-bye to some seven years back or so.

Generally you have these very ill-tempered, rude people in Government and other such offices who do not have any respect for fellow human-beings and this reflects in the way they treat others. You have some work to get done from them and see how much bhaav you have to give them. Sometimes you literally have to plead them or in worst situations you may even have to bribe them. Bhagwan bachaye aise logo se!

But in my engineering college, there was this very good natured clerk who always had a big smile on her face. The peculiar thing about her was that she remembered all our, student’s names by heart. Whenever we used to go to her for taking the Railway Concession receipt or for some other official work, she always greeted us all with our first names and helped us in filling up any remaining or wrongly filled details of the form. She used to have little conversation whenever possible while stamping the form or doing her job. It always felt good to talk to her, sometimes after standing for a good amount of time in the queue. So after seven years or so when I went to my college for some work, I was not sure if that ever-smiling gentle-woman would be there or not. Seven years is a long period, isn’t it? But she was there! And the moment I went to her, she said,” Kaise ho Vikas?” I was pleasantly shocked! After seven years, still she remembered me by my first name! She must have come across thousands of students after I passed out from my college. But she remembered my first name. I smiled back and thanked her for helping me in getting my work, for which I had gone to the college, done. I felt so good about this incident, about the way she made me feel that day that I will always remember it. By your little gestures at times, you show the person with whom you are interacting that you care, you respect and you value them. And that’s a very nice thing to do! You make some one feel better.

Now, the bad incident. I had to visit this ENT doctor once. After sitting at the clinic for almost an hour and after seeing all those patients having some or the other problem with their Ears, Noses or throats, when I went into his cabin, he gave that weary look. I felt bad. There was no welcoming expression on his face, forget smile. I started talking about my problem and he didn’t even bother to hear me completely. He wrote me some medicines. I was wondering if something was wrong with him (or me?!).And I left the cabin in a few minutes. My day was marred. I will never forget how he made me feel that day. Neither I would advice anybody to consult that doctor in future (you loose business also by treating somebody badly!!) nor I would ever treat anybody in the same manner. Because I learnt an important lesson that day. I knew how I felt when that Doctor, almost ignored me.

Never ignore or neglect anybody. Listen to your clients, your friends, your colleagues or any body communicating with you, with genuine interest and respect everybody.

People always remember how you make them feel…