Thursday, January 29, 2009

Recent Attack on the girls in a pub in Mangalore

I heard this news recently that in Mangalore a few Shri Ram Sene Activists entered a pub in Mangalore and beat up a few girls who were sitting in the pub. They not only beat up the girls but dragged them out up to some distance.

It happens just after the republic day on 26-Jan-09. Is India a democratic country in the true sense of the word? Are we actually free citizens?

In the metro city of Mumbai also the news like 'A Bihari gets beaten up' or 'MNS activists attack a North Indian fellow's shop' or 'Sena activists attack North Indian candidates appearing for Railway exams' are quite common. A few days back these activists attacked Mumbai University. They haven't even spared Taxiwallas and Auto Rickshawwallas. Infact after their Dadagiri, some other people also have stopped paying Taxi and Rickshaw fares and do open Dadagiri and threaten poor drivers. Their chief can spit venom over North Indians and when is arrested, the whole city is on the siege and under fire. On Valentines Day Shivsena activists burn the greeting card shops.

Today this war is between MNS and North Indians. Tomorrow it can be between MNS and South Indians or Punjabis or Gujaratis.

In our constitution, it is clearly mentioned that any Indian Citizen has the basic right of staying anywhere and working at a place of his/her choice. It is the Fundamental Right of any citizen.

Do not MNS activists and their well-literate head know this fact? Why the divisive politics then?

We are in which age today? The news like Girls getting beaten up by a few men who claim themselves to be activists is shame. These activists are no less than Goondas or hooligans. Their act is abhorable and Government shall take immediate steps to curb such practice. There is no difference between Terrorists and these activist Goondas. And if Government is unable to stop them, we have to fight them out ourselves.

I wish to convey to the general public also that please don't be mere spectators of such incidents. When you observe such an incident, try to protest. Gather people around. Of course you alone can not fight a Mob. But even if you succeed in getting 4-5 people around you who are also the audience to the drama happening, please unite and confront the Goondas/so-called activists. Try to fight. Because that is the only way we can stop such a bad practice from spreading and making our lives miserable. Tomorrow you can be the victim. So whenever you notice something wrong going on, please don't simply ignore. Try to discuss and gather with people around and protest/confront. If we simply wait for Government or politicians to protect us and keep silence towards the wrong happenings then we will suffer more.


  1. Every one was ashamed and enraged to see the scenes of that dastardly attack on girls.
    These people are infact "cowards" who dare to show their dark sides/agression only when they are part of a mob.They think that they can get away with the crimes done as part of a mob.
    But they forget that in today's advanced world it is easy to uncover the face of a "mob".

    I wish all of these cowards are punished to the highest extent possible.

    P.S.- The people who were involved in this attack were allegedly from "Shri ram sena" and not "Shiv Sena".

  2. We have one of the finest constitutions. Sadly, it's onLY paper. Totally agree with your thoughts, bro.

  3. Each and every word written by u is TRUE. The are so many malpractices follwoed in India. The biggest obstacle for Indians is its diversity, religion and caste based divisions of society.
    Untill & unless we unite our country masses as one by ignoring the religion,caste,etc we won't be able to make much success.
    People should be thinking above all such non-sense things.

    Lets take an example.
    if u see some organization for helping poor people, they would help only those people from theie castes, rather than helping him irrespective of his caste.
    Same case is true for Individuals, if u r from caste A and it hardly observed that u helpled someone from caste B.
    There are many missionary schools built to give EDUCATION to only certain religion/caste students, that means u wont be getting admission there, why this DISCRIMINATION ?????????