Saturday, August 20, 2011

NSE Annual Day 2011

My Dear Blog Reader,

You must be wondering why my frequency of posting blogs here has reduced. But I can’t help it! I have started writing blogs in Gujarati – my mother tongue. And I thoroughly enjoy this experience! Since last two years my Guajarati blogs (many of which are translations of the posts written here) are regularly published in my column called ‘Blog Ne Zarookhe Thee…’ in Gujarati newspaper ‘Janmabhoomi’. There is a good fan following developed for this column and My reader’s responses are overwhelming! That keeps me motivated and encourages me to write more and regularly so due to time crunch I am not able to write much in English here. So pardon me for not writing here very often.

All the blogs published in the ‘Janmabhoomi’ column are published regularly by me at corresponding Gujarati blog website. So those of you who can read Guajarati please follow me at :

…now one recent update for you all!

On 10th Aug 2011, I was felicitated by my organization for completing a decade long service @ NSE InfoTech Service Ltd. My happiness knew no bounds upon receiving this honour! Moreover I also participated in Prayer song (Ganpati PanchRatna Stotram composed by Adi Shankaracharya) that our annual day functions began with. Our very learned CTO (a thorough gentleman Mr Ravi Apte) had selected this prayer like last many years and me along with the whole group consisting of eight people (including very respected NSE seniors like Mr. Nandkumar and Ms Kamla K.) had a very good time not only while performing on the eve of the event but also while rehearsing for this prayer.(Rehearsal sessions had started a few days before the event). I don’t have any formal training in music but due to my artistic lineage I have a sense of rhythm. I have an ear for music and love listening to good music and singing too!

It was my good fortune that I came to know about this prayer song program from my colleague Dipti and I am grateful to ApteSir for allowing me to be part of the group despite of me joining the practice sessions just four days prior to the final event. Up to two days I was only listening the song to grasp the words, the lyrics and the tune in which the group (consisting of four males including me and four females) was singing. It was not an easy song. There were many high notes and in the same para there were the low notes as well! This song was sung by PadmaVibhushit Ms SubbaLaxmi. So one can imagine the kind of song it would be! For full three four days before the event, I had put this song on my Mobile in Repeat mode and must have heard it more than hundred times! I love it!

…and we sang it beautifully! Hear it here: Ganesh Panch Ratna Stotram sung by NSE group on Annual day 2011

By the way I not only sang but played Manjira (cymbals) also!

Here are the pictures of our group engrossed in singing and worshipping lord Ganesha with whose blessings we could sing such a difficult but wonderful prayer song nicely and got praised for our efforts by our colleagues!

Share your feedback too!

Here are few of my other pics (getting felicitated by our respected JMD Ms Chitra & CEO Mr Muralidaran)

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