Thursday, August 16, 2007

In Andheri Local from Malad....

I boarded the First class compartment of 08:59 Andheri local from Malad which was running about 10-15 minutes late.It was crowded heavily (as usual).First class compartments are more crowded than general compartments during Peak hours as there are only 2 or 3 of them in the 9 coach or 12 coach trains.Moreover it was raining outside heavily.I always try to be more alert whenever i catch this andheri local because once you board the train there are lot of guys crowding the entrance to get down at the next station Goregaon and they forcefully push and drag the person down along with their flow who come in their way and make him get down even if he does not intend to actually get down at Goregaon.I have a few bad experinces of this Andheri local in past.Once my two days old Nokia Handsfree-ear phones wire was snatched by somebody (don't know deliberately or unintentionally) and i could not get it back even after getting down at goregaon and on other such instance my spectacles flew away by somebody's hand shove and fell on the platform which luckily i retrived back.These kind of incidences have taught me to be more alert while travelling by this Andheri local from malad.So on this rainy day also, i got into the Andheri local and got to stand at one side supporting my back on the partition wall of the train.Goregaon station came and a lot of people got down shouting and pushing others.As soon as the train started moving,I noticed a guy pushing another guy inside the inner section of compartment where people sit,by holding his collar and started bullying him.They were just beside me.As soon as that person dragged this poor guy there, two-three other young fellows started hitting that poor fellow hard on his head Without even knowing what was the matter.I felt agitated.This is very common behaviour in Mumbai Locals.People want to just start beating someone without any reason when somebody is caught even without knowing whether the fellow caught is actually guilty or not.I don't understand what kind of cheap thrill they get out of such an act.Or is this the way to vent out their frustration after a tiring day at work or after a quarrel at home or due to some other tension in their lives?This is grossly wrong.It's ceratinly neither their business to interfere in the rift between two strangers nor they have any right to teach a miscreant any lesson.That is Railway Police's job when something wrong happens in the train or on the station.Then why do people start beating a man when somebody starts a quarrel with the poor fellow due to his fault or sometimes not even his fault at all?So coming back to my story of Andheri local, i favoured the poor fellow whom these two-three young guys started beating.I didn't know what was the matter but even they did not know it.So i asked why are you all beating this poor chap?He may not have first class ticket but that does not mean we have the authority to take laws in our hand and give him punishment in this way.We don't even know whether he boarded the First class compartment by mistake or by his helplessness to get into maddening rush of second class and his urgent need to reach his destination in time?We have to be Humane.I also quoted the recent incident in one of the Trains in Central Railway where in one such incident two guys hit one poor fellow so badly that he died on the spot.People become vehement and violent during such times.They forget what is wrong and what is right.So we should behave like mature individuals and not like animals and sadistically harass some poor person.Even if somebody tries to steal a mobile or purse and gets caught red handed we should not start beating him but hand him over to Railway Police and let them do their Job.The guys whom i told all these started fighting with me as to why i was favouring the other fellow.I told them neither he is my relative nore they are my enemies.But my point is why to group ourselves against some one who may not even have done any thing wrong and harass him or beat him?Then Some other people also joined and favoured me and saved that poor fellow from any further beating.One of those 2-3 young lads commented I was trying to be 'gandhiji' and i should give a seminar on Social welfare!I told him i don't mind giving a Power Point Presenatation every day in the train on how to behave right in the train and on how to be more human.even if one fellow takes learning from it, i will be more than glad and my mission would be successful!Then the quarrel stopped.But when we would actually become sympathetic and more human towards our other fellow beings travelling with us in the trains?Kya Is Raat ki Subah Nahi???


  1. Good blog... Nice description. Kept me busy and curious to read till the end. I am looking forward for more stuff. Quite an experience reading the blog & EXPERIENCING a travel in Western Railway.

  2. Hey Vikas...Hat's off to you...
    After CAT-2005 this is 1st time I have red somthing descriptive and that to complete....
    felt Really happy seeing people like u do exist with always helping hands...Humanity....
    Great one ...Keep posting....
    God bless u .......

  3. Great work Sir!!!!
    Most of the times in the train we became apathetic about what is happening around us in the train, we even don't think whether it is right or wrong. pacifying such quarrel in the train requires lots of guts in you.


    hey, check these out as well.

    S S