Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I had gone to Riddhi Vinayak Temple near my place. There is a huge open space outside the temple where devotees sit after the Darshan and children play around. I was also sitting there on a bench near a pillar where three cute little girls were playing, encircling the pillar and running around it. There came a dark little girl who also tried to join them. The three fair little ones stopped at once and jostled that dark little girl and shouted at her to stay away from them. One of them also mentioned about the dark complexion of that other girl and said they would never play with her. I was shocked to see that scene. I immediately went near them and tried to explain them that the dark little girl was also another angel like them whose skin color was only different, rest everything between her and them was exactly same. I called the dark little girl and asked her to join the gang of the fair little girls again. But as soon as she came near, the three fair girls ran away. I felt sad. But tried to play with that dark little girl and asked her not to mind. But deep down I was feeling bad and thought who is responsible for making these fair little girls behave in such a rude and bad manner with this poor little soul? I guess its society's discriminating outlook towards the dark skinned people which must have ingrained these kinds of values in these little minds. After all children are merely reflections of elders around them.


  1. Dear Vikas

    Read your Blogs.While reading it i thought that it is
    our social responsibility that we should tought &
    giude our younger genration in right direction.

    You are doing it & i am proud of it.

    Keep it up.....

    Mehul Trivedi

  2. where is Riddhi Vinayak Temple ?

  3. Riddhi Vinayak Temple is a very famous and one of the best temples in Bhadran Nagar, Malad(W).It is near my place.By the way, who is this Anonymous entity asking the question?
    -Vikas Nayak

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  5. I know there is other side for U r sadness, but that lies in U r subconscious mind ,U don’t want to dig in to u r mind. I will explore the reason, the day on which the incident happened on that same day, I left the NSE. So it was bound to happen!!!!
    I Still feel pain for that moment when i left the NSE ...
    Anyways good example u put forward for the society to do introspection.

    -------- NITIN