Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Harishchandra Gadh Trek...A memorable experience! (part-1)

Today I want to share with you all my friends, one of the most thrilling and the most adventurous experinces i had enjoyed recently.I had been on an overnight fun-filled trek to Harishchandra Gadh on the border of AhmedNagar in Maharashtra.It was so much fun there that i was in a different world for those 2 days(22-23 Sep 2007),completely isolated from the hustle-bustles of this typical Mumbai city life!(There was no network coverage for mobile so literally i was far far away from Mumbai's reach!)

My journey started early morning on saturday.I met Swapnil and Aditya (My NSEInfotech Friends) to reach Kalyan where one more friend Mayuresh met us and we took an S.T. Bus for Khubi Naka which was supposed to go via Malshejghat route.The journey was two and half hours long and comfortable.We had two vadapavs and some chocolates enroute.We reached naka and had to wait for the Pune guys to come and pick us up from there.We had some time so decided to take a stroll in nearby green area.

It was a nice open place with Rice fields,a lake and lot of grass and shrubs around.I started enjoying nature from this spot only!

Cliked many nice pics,saw a few interesting things like Crabs,their little hole-homes,reflection of mountains in the lake,a new type of continuously chirping bird etc.

The best thing was Mayuresh saw a 1-1.5 meter long Black Cobra!I was completely excited and thrilled having heard that!I wished i were there with him too when he saw this snake!

We returned,had some chai-nasta and were sitting there in a small hotel like place and lo!There was another snake in front of us!Although this was not as long and scary as Mayuresh had seen,my wish came true to see this reptile!It was a small snake which was moving slowly so that we all could see it very clearly!But i had put my camera-batteries for charging up and by the time i removed my digicam and got it ready,the snake vanished into nearby shrubs.Some more time we waited there chatting,having light snacks and Pune gang turned up!We joined them cheerfully.They also greeted us warmly even though none of them knew us.They were singing some very nice marathi songs in the bus which i thoroughly enjoyed!I also sang a hindi number and in a short span of time the starting point of our Greatest Trek came!It was a small village called 'Khireshwar'.

We spent some time at a small hotel like place enjoying the cool climate and formal introduction session was followed by the lunch of Rice and 'Pithala'(yellow coloured Dal like maharashtrian Dish) and Green chilly chutney!It was delicious!

When we had arrived at the hotel ,weather was clean and dry but as soon as we finished our lunch, Clouds came literally on the ground to take us with them on the nearby mountains where we were supposed to trek for the next 10 hours or so!The change in weather was so beautiful that i can't describe it in words!Finally we started our Trek to Harishchandra Gadh at around 4 PM with lot of enthusiasm and along with our host - the clouds!

(Read the exciting Trek details and details of the breath-taking adventurous experiences with more pictures in my next Blog...till then ciao!!!)


  1. Looks like a nice trek ... nice pictures as well

  2. Great Pics. Especially the very last one.

    What about the trek itself, i wanted to go Harishchandra ghad myself....do write a post about that experience.

    Also, incorporate an RSS/Atom feed in your blog. Its easier for your audience to keep track when something new comes up.

  3. Wery well described , i would like to add on abr the Night trekking wit only a few ppl with torch in their hands, this is where i saw how a group functions helping each other & caring for each other this was exactly the time wen we all grp members came cls to each other by one & only 1 lang of trust & care shown by our frds by giving a hand to help...keep it up frds ..tc
    & yes Vikas Lvly Pics...dude

  4. Hey Vikas.... felt really nice to see this blog. Very well described with some cool pictures. Do keep posting these kind of stuffs and most imp. don't forget to let me know.... :)

  5. great description as I have visited place alive. Keep it up buddy and in future try to include me also.
    -Paresh N.

  6. Hey Vikas..

    Thanks for the comment on my blog... this one is a nice blog... I would be glad to have some guest posts from you on my blogs ...

    Technical / Managerial / Work wise :- http://pm-better-than-sex.blogspot.com

    General - http://sameer-shaikh.blogspot.com


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