Sunday, September 9, 2007

Let's keep our Mumbai Clean and Healthy...

We all should do something in our own way to preserve nature around us.If we try to be little more aware and careful towards our surroundings, that would also be a contribution in helping preserve our Mother Earth and its environment.

I always feel sad when i see people spitting anywhere on the road while walking or travelling.People also recklessly throw garbage anywhere on the road,at public places or in the train practically everywhere possible! This irritates and irates me.I always make faces when i catch a person doing so.In the train also if i see a person throwing paper or garbage anywhere i show the expression of discomfort and try to make that person feel guilty.I strongly feel the urge to persuade him not to do it again at a public place or in open.I feel like asking -"Do you throw garabge in your own home anywhere like this?".If he/she would say "No!" then I would ask-"Then why here so?" (and if he/she replies "Yes" then I would say "Shame on you! itna bada/badi hoke itna nahi sikha kachra kaha fenkna chahiye?!").But this is all i just feel! I wish God gives me courage to actually speak my mind in public!

If I go on a long journey or picnic or on tour then i carry a Big Sack or Bag with me and request people to throw any garbage in that bag only or hand it over to me.I tell them,"I don't mind accepting garbage from anybody so please give it in my hands and i will do the needful. But please please don't litter the place and throw the stuff here and there." People in India have a wrong notion that they can throw litter/garbage from moving train anywhere.Who is going to benefit by keeping railway tracks clean anyway?But it is wrong.If they throw plastic material out of a running train ,it does not get destroyed due to its non-recycling property and harm environment badly.

Do we all realize the consequences of spitting and throwin garbage anywhere in open/public place?It can spread epidemic.It can nurture the growth of rats,cockroaches and other such rodents which spreads dieseases and increases health related issues.It can portray a dirty image of our city/state/country in other cities/states/countries.

We should all behave responsibly.Not only we should ourselves try to keep our city as clean as possible but also stop people doing the wrong.If we ourselves stop and make other stop spitting on the roads/throwing garbage any where on the road/out of running train/at public places that bit would also be equivalent to a great help in order to make our city/country a better place to live!

So lets all make an effort to keep our Mumbai Clean and Healthy!


  1. Great message !!
    It was fun reading..
    the idea of carrying a litterbag to a picnic is excellent. I am going to personally follow it :)

  2. I think the problem we have in india is lack of education and no fear of punishment among the citizens and lack of willingness/work force/initiatives from our municipalties. I believe some such punishment were declared in Maharatra for spitting on roads and the municipalty did follow it for a few days but they forgot about it soon.While I visited the Juhu beach in Mumbai recently, I could not find any garbage bins on the beach.So it was a good step by the municipalty to move the hawkers on oneside of the beach but having no garbage bins on beach, there will be still a lot of garbage on the beach for municipalty to hire the contractors to collect the garbage from the beach! Example of lack of initiative from Municipalties is that they should run some ad campains in news papers and and in tv channels etc.
    So this issue seems partly due to the citizen as well as due to the government.


  3. Vikas Bhai !!! You are absolutely correct. People should be aware of the mistakes they are doing by throwing garbage anywhere. Such people need to be caught and penalized, to teach them a lesson. Spitting on roads, trains and public places is irritating.
    We must spread awareness among the people to keep surroundings clean.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Sunilkumar Maurya

  4. Hi,
    Vikas nice to see such good articles from your side. The problem over here is lack of education. I remember speech by APJ Abdul Kalam that only when people get educated , financially stable, care for environment will automatically come to them. You think from a perspective of a common man in India. We belong to more affluent class of India and we should do whatever we can. Millions in India today , even travelling in local are so poor that they somehow manage to get "2 waqt ka roti"... He is struggling for basic needs of food and shelter that he hardly gets any time to think about these environmental problems. I guess making them feel guilty will be harsh on them. Yes, if we are travelling by first class local or find a affluent person doing such pity thing then its ok... By providing proper education these problems can be effectively solved.

  5. Yes ! U r rght. But the prblm is tht all of us only feel this n do not voice it out to the person doing that. Itz now time 2 go ahead frm here and not jst feel but also make an effort to reprimand such people.