Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Spread Happiness and Live cheerfully...

In the next few Blogs, I want to talk about people I know who have some peculiar characteristics which make them interesting persons to know.

We all come across lot of people day-in-day-out during our work or at home or in the train or in the bus or anywhere during the course of our normal routine lives. But a few people we can not forget due to their special qualities. We can learn many good things by simply observing them.

First character I will talk about is Mr. Anil Jawaharani. He is my colleague and works in the NCFM Department of my office (NSE).He is so lively and jolly that one may never get bored with this man. He is probably in his forties. But young and old would enjoy his company alike. He spreads a kind of happiness and positivity around him. Sadness is Hundreds of miles away from this man! As part of his job, many times he has to be the invigilator of our online Examination system (NCFM) at NSE. Now exam is a scary thing for many. But if you get Anil as your invigilator you would forget what fear is! He would welcome all the candidates who are supposed to take the exam in his humorous warm style and then give all the instructions for the online exam in a very cheerful and funny way! Tension of the candidates vanishes as soon as they meet Anil! After every instruction he will fire a funny punch line and candidates will surely get a chance to laugh even in that serious ambience of examination room. Even during the exam he will keep the mood light and tension-free with his witty remarks. He also has to attend calls coming from candidates all over India querying about NCFM exams during a normal routine working day. He will make the day of the caller by wishing him 'Happy Birthday or Happy New Year' everyday! A caller would first get surprised by this wish from a stranger and that too when it is neither his/her birthday nor the new year day but after a few seconds he/she would want to talk more with Anil. And why not?! Who would not like to talk with a jolly and lively person? Sometimes I have to go to NCFM Department for some work and if Anil is present on his seat, he won't forget to call me by weird interesting names every time (like 'Bade Bhaiya', 'Doctor Sahab', 'Hero', 'Pyaare Mohan' and whatnot!!)Sometimes he would act also funny! His gestures also would surely make you laugh. Now when one has to work all day long in the office, who would not like to be in such a good company as Anil's? Don't we all avoid the boring, ever-complaining, sad people always? There is already enough of all those negative feelings in our lives and in the world where we live. Then why talk about and multiply it. Rather we should have more people like Anil to spread more happiness and good feelings around.

Anil may have ordinary troubles and problems in his life too. He is also a human being after all. But you would never notice him in a bad temperament. He is always cheerful and in a good mood! Always with a smile on his face! You want to get rid of your worries? Go and meet Anil!

Anilji, Khuda se yahi prarthna ki aap hamesha aise hi Haste aur Hasaate Rahe...


  1. gud 1 vikas.

    Denil Shah

  2. well written Vikas! keep it up...

    Sangita Haridas

  3. yeah i completely agree with you..
    gave the ncfm exam in mumbai.. and i think i got him only as the invigilator!
    lucky me!!