Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A woman I admire...

In my last Blog I wrote about an all-the-time-smiling gentleman Anil Jawaharani.

Second person I am going to talk about is Dimple Upadhyay. My Sister Tejal's Best Friend. I know her since my childhood days. I have grown with her and my sister. They both are six years elder to me. Dimple has always been a ‘bindhast’ girl. She is the eldest among her three sibling sisters and a beloved of her parents. Today she is married with two lovely daughters of age 12 and 8.I know her since she was herself a school going kid.

Why I admire Dimple is because of her zealous nature. She is always enthusiastic about things in life. She was an average student but completed her graduation in time. She was my sister’s best friend. She stood by her in times of need. I have observed her giving correct advice when my sister needed it in her low times. Also she used to be there for my sister whenever she needed her. Today also whenever my sister want to take a big decision or may be simply wish to go for a shopping spree or a distant temple, Dimple will be there with her always!

But this is not the only reason why I have decided to praise Dimple and write a Blog on her! She possesses many other very good qualities. She is bold. She is Modern Woman, I would say. She knows driving and possesses her own scooty. She drives her father’s car also many times. She buys and sells shares. She has helped her father in his business and has been a very helpful and nice daughter to her mother also. She has been guiding source for her younger sisters as well.

Every time I meet her she is learning something new. She keeps asking me about latest software and good websites and Internet.She personally sat with me for creating her first email Id and learnt all the basic techniques to use Internet for her personal and business use like a smart curious pupil! She has been into many businesses herself. She has marketed beauty products. She has done beauty parlour courses and has tried her hand in making other women look more beautiful too! She has attended seminars related to her business here and there. She wears saris as well as modern attire of a professional woman also!

Last time I met her she was taking tuitions to learn Accounting Tally package. I asked her why this now? And pet came the reply: I wanted to know what tally is all about and I already learnt accounting during my B.Com. Days so thought why not learn Tally so that I can put my computer skills also to a good use!

She is always on the look out of learning new things. She never sits idle at home. She not only performs the role of a typical housewife but also keeps learning and applying her knowledge all the time.She likes to exercise,do yoga and she is a good cook too...Teaching her daughters at times,no problem!She does that too. Her hubby Mr. Jayvant Upadhyay is also a gentleman and loves her a lot and is proud to get a wife like her. She is a good wife, nice and loving mother and plays each role with her best capacity.Full of life,energetic,loving,caring,smiling always...

Bravo Dimple! I wish my Mother, sisters and fiancée also learn lots and lots from you!


  1. Hi Vikas,
    Nice blog..! You are really a good writer indeed....It is really amazing how much energy some people have...Guess not every one could be same but for some can take some inspiration and positive things from such personalities....

    At the end just had an advise to give....I guess u may consider to use imaginary names instead of the real ones in the interest of the people whom u are praising....I know u don't have any bad intentions but there are enough perverts on net too and we can not imagine how they may use the information available on net....The same goes for photos too...

    This is just an opinion.....Goodluck with blogging....


  2. Vikas,

    What's most commendable is your concern and appreciation for people around you. The world needs more appreciative beings like you!!