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My Teachers...(Part-2)

5th september is celebrated every year as Teacher's Day (in memory of Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan who was a great Teacher) and this year I wanted to thank all my teachers by writing and dedicating this blog to all my respected teachers on that day...but life in Metro/Mumbai does not permit one to fulfil all one's wishes and poor me also didn't get time to complete this blog on teacher's day!But Never's never too late for doing a good thing! So my feelings may be expressed late but they are true and heart-felt!!!

In part-1 of this Blog I wrote about all my Tution teachers.Now let me talk about all my school teachers...All who helped me being whatever I have become today.I salute all my school teachers through this Blog.

गुरु गोविंद दोनो खड़े काको लागू पाय
बलिहारी गुरु आप की गोविंद दी यो बताय

These lines I must have recited number of times in school on microphone while reading an essay on the importance of Guru - Teacher on the day of Guru Poornima in school.They suggest Teacher is greater than even God and I agree with this subhashita.

My first two teachers were Kusumben and Bharatiben in Naani Shreni (Junior K.G.) of Nutan Vidya Mandir, my first school.I have the memories of the first day of my school life still fresh in my mind.(It's strange but yet true.I may be just 3-4 years old then but yet I remember which clothes I had worn and how my classroom was!)They were wonderful teachers.They tackled all those tiny-tots so well!Most of them crying-out-loud!These two teachers not only made me like to go to school at that age but taught me the first lesson of my school life very well.In Nutan Vidya Mandir I studied upto 3rd standard (that is for about four and a half years) and I came across teachers like KundanBen,HeeraBen and may be some others.(But I recall only these four teachers.)They were very good and made my base strong.They told me very good stories and contributed in my progress a great deal.Midway in my 3rd standard, I changed my school to Sheth N. L. High School - My Alma Mater - from where I passed my S.S.C.(10th standard - last year of school life).It has a great share in my life - in my career - in my development.In 3rd standard,I had a difficult time due to change of school and change of educational environment.But my first class teacher in that new school was TaruBen.She was very good and supportive.She gave personal attention to my progress.Can you believe, I, who had scored 90.85 % in my S.S.C. had flunked in Maths and other few subjects in the Unit Test and a few other mid term exams in 3rd and 4th standards. My 4th standard class teacher MeenaBen was also very cooperative and with personal attention on my progress made me work harder and pass the final semester exams.Unlike in Primary standards(3rd and 4th class),secondary standard classes had different teachers for different subjects.So I came across many teachers after I entered my 5th standard.I may not remember all my teachers but surely remember all those who had left their footprints on my heart and mind through their teaching,their characteristics,their way of life.I heartfully thank all of them for making me whatever I am today.In secondary school, 5th standard,Mr. Ajit Nayak was my first teacher who taught me ABC's of English as a second language subject.Other few teachers I would like to mention here are : Chandrakala D. Desai(Gujarati),Preeti Shukla-Vyas(Gujarati),PratimaBen(Gujarati & S.S.),Mrs. Ravalji(Maths),UshaBen Pathak(Marathi),Mrs.Kapadiya(Hindi and Handicraft),Mrs.Phillips(English),DhiruBhai Desai(P.T.),JanakBhai Sir(Drawing),Ibrahim Sir(Maths & Science),MrudulaBen Bhagat(Gujarati),NirmalaBen Chheda(Principal of my school),MeenaBen Joshi(Music),Librarian Mrs. Telang,Mrs. R. P. Dalal(S.S.),ArunaBen Kothari(Sanskrit),C.D. Ashahr(Gujarati & S.S.),SumanBhai Desai(Science),S.P. Naik(Maths),Late ShashikantBhai(English),RamanBhai(Science),Mr. Gokani(Science),VarshaBen(P.T.),Mrs. Madhubala Raichura(Gujarati),UshaBen Dave(Sanskrit) and many others.We had two different sections in my school then.Timing of Boys Section was in the morning and Girls section was in the afternoon.I was pet student of a few of the girls section teachers as well.(As I used to come standard First between both the sections, the girls section teachers knew me.Also I used to participate in various common programs on special occasions like 26th January function, GuruPoornima Day Program, Annual Day of the school event etc. and hence was famous.)The few girls section teachers were:Late Mrs. KaumudiniBen Ashar(Gujarati & S.S.),KokilaBen Nayak(Gujarati),NaynaBen(S.S.),KrishnaBen(Science),Mrs.Garodia(Science) etc.
I remember the peculiarity of some of the teachers which have made a deep impact on my mind.My Most favourite school teacher ,if someone ask me to name,it would be none other than C.D.Ashar sir. He always used to wear a white half-sleeved shirt (which he always used to keep out) and a white trouser.He taught us subjects of History,Geography and our first language - Gujarati.He was excellent teacher.Many teachers have lot of knowledge but they are not good at explaining things effectively.But Ashar Sir was one of the Best teachers of my school.He used to teach by involving Fun element.His favourite address to a student was 'Neech Sundar Vaghran' with that peculiar facial expression and a typical accent.Even though these words were derogatory, nobody felt bad because they were not spoken with bad intention or tone.Infact we used to laugh loud when he adressed somebody with those words!He recited stories from not only India but even foreign countries.He loved reading and was a great literary himself.I admired his oratory skills.We all used to get engrossed when he was telling us a story.He gave us the knowledge about Illiad and Odyssey.He made us love words and taught us to play with them.He introduced us to the words like Agony and Ecstasy.He used to seat on the table with his one leg hanging half in his peculair style and told us great stories.He used to bring maps and models to make the study interesting.He taught us wonderful tricks to remember certain things by associating facts with something specific or by using funny acronyms.(For eg. to remember the direction of earth rotation on its own axis he asked us to remember word 'Pruthvi Papu'...! which meant Pruthvi-earth moves from paschim(west) to purva(east) or DiDaJ and RaJaD - This is quiz for you readers of my blog..can u guess what it could be? May be my old classmates who attended AsharSir's class would be able to answer!)It was Ashar Sir who inspired and encouraged me to get the Best score in S.S.C.He told me once that he would like to read my name on a wooden board which had names of all the top scorers of S.S.C of all previous years since the inception of the school.I really worked hard to do that but unfortunately could not come first in the school in S.S.C. board but success of scoring a high score of 90.85% in S.S.C. I would attribute to the encouragement of my favourite teacher ChanduBhai D. Ashar.I have a great respect for him.
Another great teacher was Mrs. Phillips - a christian elderly lady who taught us English.She was very good at teaching the language and always encouraged us to use right grammer and speak in English at least in her classes.Her thick glasses and soft puffed cheeks and chin made her look cute and she always spoke in a very good accent and style.
Shashikant Sir,R.P.Dalal Mam,Raichura Mam,C.S.Desai Mam,Preeti Mam,ArunaBen Kothari also always inspired me and encouraged me during my formative years.
MeenaBen taught me taking part in singing and music related activities.The practise sessions we students had with her were really great and memorable.

All these teachers have played a great role in building my life,my career and has produced many more successful people with their noble and great profession of teaching.

If someone asks me what would I be if not a software professional, my answer would be - A Teacher! (I mean it! I have taken tutions and taught a few school students during my college life and I am sure at some point in time in future I would surely teach an entire class of students!)

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  1. Fantastic way to remember your teachers, bro! By the way, what does 'Neech Sundar Vaghran' actually mean? (Curiosity got the better of me).And I am positive that you'll also grow up to be a teacher one day!