Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Reading is a very good hobby, a very good activity.Every wise and smart individual must read a lot.
I love reading. I strongly feel good reading can affect your personality in a very strong and positive way.
When you read fiction, you reach another world - a world of fantasy. Reading has got the power to enthrall you, make you feel moments of ecstasy or agony. You may laugh with the characters of the story or cry with emotion. I get goose bumps while reading. A good story makes the hair on my hands stand and I get the intense feeling of sharing that good story with a friend who has the same sensitivity. Reading may take you temporarily into another world - far from all your present worries and tensions. If the novel is interesting enough, you want to read one page after the other till the end day and night without the track of time. You might get addicted to it!
Non-fiction work also can work wonders in building your personality and character. They have the power to transform you into a new Avatar full of positivity, full of optimism. You can learn how to live a happy and successful life. I have personally benefited a lot by reading self-help books in my college days. They teach you right techniques to not only tackle the worldly problems but teach you how you can use mental power in healing and to achieve your personal goals.
Reading should start at very early age. Then it will become a habit. If a child reads stories, it becomes a better human being. It becomes creative, a thinker, and a right decision-maker. Stories like Aesop fables and Panchatantra Tales not only interest a child but also teach it the right lessons early in life.Researchers have supported the fact that a pregnant lady should read good books during her pregnancy and it will have positive impact on the child that will born.You should encourage children to read.Haven't you noticed how much children enjoy stories?Then why not make them read those stories themselves?
Elderly people also read to pass the time.You must have noticed your grandmother or grandfather reading the BhagvadGeeta or some other holy book.When others neglect elderly people,books become their best friend and Reading becomes their main and best activity to pass time.
Good reading gives you confidence. You learn how to talk in the outside world, how you can appear in interviews, group-discussions, debates. You read more and not only your vocabulary improves but also you have more stuff to talk, to discuss.
Reading newspapers is also a very important and good activity. You keep yourself abreast with current affairs. You can become alert and learn from others mistakes which appear in news. These days newspapers don't just print news but a gamut of other interesting stuff like interviews of celebrities, spiritual or inspirational articles, contests and much more. I spend a good amount of everyday time in reading newspapers and it has actually helped me a lot. I start my day with the toothbrush in one hand and a newspaper in the other! I read all the supplements provided with the main newspaper. I have the habit of carrying old newspaper supplements in my bag wherever I go. (That’s the reason you will always find me with a bag!)I read whenever I get the time and the space. In the crowded train every morning, I fold the newspaper article multifold, may be two-three months old supplement of Times or DNA or Gujarat Samachar and read it. At times other passengers look at my position and think I am crazy. There is no space to even move a limb and I manage to read in that situation. But that is how much I love and enjoy reading!


  1. Even I do carry news papers in my bag and read it in Jam packed train in the morning while coming to office and it is better to read something rather watching someone's face in the morning. I too read news papers alot and in the morning I read it with my morning tea. My mother always scold me not to read news paper while eating but I can't help it.

    But in the evening while going back to home I try to solve sudoku and kakuro with diffrent difficulty levels. Most of the times I am able to solve these puzzles given in Bombay times. It's fun and even some of my friends coming with me also enjoy solving sudoku. It helps your logical thinking and ofcourse kakuro requires a little mathematical calculation and a simple common sense.

    That wad about my experience with newspapers.

  2. I must say that you are improving blog by blog :)

    Though i am not into books n all but ya i do read newspapers daily...
    Keep sending the links....

    And also a Very HapPy DiwALi to you all....


  3. Hello Sir...I completely agree with you as I am myself experiencing power of makes you more open to the outside world if you utilize it in a right manner...

    Wish u all the best...your blogs are wonderful...keep on writing

    With best wishes