Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mumbai Terror Attacks...When would I see the World Without Terrorism...???

Yesterday(On 28-Nov-2008, Friday) evening I was going to Churchgate, after my office hours, to read the news at Aakashwani(All India Radio).It was just 06:30 PM but due to winter being on it's way, it was dark and the street was almost empty. I felt like asif it was midnight. All the shops were shut. The city which is always on the run had come to a sudden halt and for the first time in my life I experienced fear while walking on the street. The fear of terrorists, the fear of sudden firing, the fear of unexpected sudden fatal attack...Since last two nights and two days they have made my city worse than hell. They have killed more than 100 and injured more than 300 innocent people of my city. They have succeeded in creating panic and grief among all of us.The entire nation is watching this drama. The whole world is condemning this ghastly and inhuman act. They are just 15 (or even less than that) but they have stirred the entire country. They came to Mumbai by sea route Wednesday night(26-Nov-2008) and dispersed in groups of two to three and started firing indiscriminately at various places liked Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Cama Hospital, Nariman Bhavan and many others. Some of them entered two top-Indian 5 star hotels - Taj and Oberoi (Trident). They have made hundreds of people captive and have already killed more than 100 for no reason. They are constantly firing bullets through state-of-the-art machine guns like AK47 as if playing with the toy and using hand grenades and other destructive weapons they have not only destructed valuable properties but also put a shameful blot on the capital hub of India - Mumbai.They have killed many foreign nationals also.They have killed a person who gave them water to drink.They have killed ATS (Anti Terrorist Squad) head and a few other top police men. They have killed businessmen and commmonmen. NSG Commandos had to be called to fight with them and to save lives of the captives they had held in two hotels and Nariman Bhavan building. An NSG commando and many hotel staff-members have lost their lives in the battle with these terrorists. There were lot many people waiting outside the hotels and the building terrorists had used for their mission.

I can write pages and pages of this episode and talk about fragile security system and corrupted political system and all that but I would not talk about all that any more.

Today morning, a courier person came to my home for delivering a mail. Usually my mother or sisters offer water to the postman or courier guys even without them asking for the same. But today my sister took the mail from the courier fellow from closed door only and when he asked for some water, she latched the door and came inside to get the water. This small example shows how terrorism and similar things affects us.It scares us. It makes us not put faith in fellow humanbeing.It destructs the bond between two humanbeings.

Why they do this? Don't they have heart? What would they finally achieve by creating a kingdom of terror? I remember the beautiful prayer song from the movie '1947:earth':

ईश्वर अल्लाह तेरे जहाँ मे नफ़रत क्यू है जंग है क्यू?
तेरा दिल तो इतना बड़ा है इंसान का दिल तंग है क्यू?

कदम कदम पर सरहद क्यू है? सारी ज़मीन जो तेरी है
सूरज के पहरे धरती है फिर क्यू इतनी अंधेरी है
इस दुनियया के दामन पर इंसान के लहू का रंग है क्यू

गूँज रही है कितनी चीखे प्यार की बाते कौन सुने
तूट रहे है कितने सपने इनके टुकड़े कौन चुने
दिल के दरवाज़ो पर ताले तालो पर है ज़ंग ये क्यू

I really wonder at times why humans have this vice called Greed? They want to conquer the world. They want the religion they are following to be accepted by all. They want to rule the earth. But consider the entire universe. How infinitesimally small we are. And afterall without God's wish does even a Leaf can turn? Then why this destruction? Why this bloodbath? Why this war?

Can't we simply live as Human beings? Without any labels of religion? Without any boundaries? Without any greed-ill wish? Just as a Human...

When would I see the world without terrorism? A world where peace and humanity prevails...


  1. Beautifully written

    Tejashree R.

  2. Vikas, nice to know you aren't hurt and are doing well enough to express your feelings. Ghastly act, but one must remember that the people who are doing it are just saying that they are doing it for their religion and not even trying to force anyone to follow their religion. They aren't actually doing it for that. In fact they don't have any cause other than to hurt people. Remember the bullies in class back in school. They would just act rude for the heck of it. These people do not know the difference between dying for a cause and dying for nothing. Foolhardy I must say. It's not them we should direct our anger toward, it's toward every single human being who helps create these monsters and makes sure that the world remains divided and some people always remain poor enough to take up arms for them. Garibi hatoa, terrorism bhagao.

  3. You would see a world without Terrorism when...

    Jews head back to Eurpoe from Israel.
    US goes back from Afghanistan and Iraq
    New Brenton Woods System

    and many more...!!

    Antik Shah

  4. nice post ...
    but at one place it has become तूट instead of टूट


  5. Dear Vikas

    You have answered your question yourself.

    " Can't we simply live as Human beings? Without any labels of religion? Without any boundaries? Without any greed-ill wish? Just as a Human..."

    Greed....crab mentality this is what sees one person battling another...the refusal to allow another person to succeed. The terrorist wanted to target India's economic symbols, this shows that their country is not providing them enough reasons to become economically better off. Added to which the terrorists are fed with this stupid notion that America stands for capitalism which is the root of all evil and everything and everyone who follow them are the enemies of Islam....rubbish. Everyone knows this, the terrorists are loosers and just want to seek the roadside bully does!

    A person needs to look inward rather than outward to see what is good within rather than what is bad outside and rather than dragging people and countries down should focus on how he/she can succeed in life!