Sunday, November 23, 2008

God into Human Body...???

I want to start this blog by asking you a question: Do you believe in God entering into a human body? I want this blog to be interactive. So please all the readers share your thoughts on the subject matter as comment (you can enter it using the link provided at the bottom of this Blog).I would like to know what you all think on this subject.
I believe in existence of God. I pray. I go to temples also. But I don't think God can enter into a human body. I have encountered many such incidents which I would like to share with you all.
There was a lady in whose body, they said, Ganesha enters. She has got a very good personality and there is certainly an aura around her. She has got excellent oratory skills. Her house is always full of devotees. Lot of people come to her for seeking solution of their problems. She sits in trance, hears the problem and suggests a remedy/solution. She gives some rice particles and/or a flower and asks the solution-seeker to do some number of fasts or may be to feed cow for a few days or such similar thing. I had also visited her place when I was a very young child. Till day my family members visit her place sometimes. But I don’t go now.

There was another lady in whose body, it is believed that KalikaDevi comes. Ditto same description of her place and devotees as in the above case. One peculiar thing in this case is that on Kali-Chaudas night (the night before Diwali) she appears completely different. She sits also in a different way, with one leg bent and the other half bent. Her tongue comes out so much that one would get scared looking at her this swaroop. An ordinary human being may not be able to bring out his or her tongue this much. She applies a big Red bindi on her forehead and keeps her hairs open (untied).She resembles Kalimata. Faint-hearted people may get heart-attack out of fear, if they see her in her this avataar. Her whole body shivers/vibrates and she moves her head and face in a circular motion. There are so many devotees on this night at her place that her whole home gets full with people and people occupy and fill up her neighbours’ home also.

One of my male friends is a great worshipper of DeviAmba and GanpatiBappa and celebrates both these festivals with great fervour and devotion. I have attended aartis during Navartri and GaneshUtsav at his place. He sings these aartis without referring book and also recites many Sanskrit shlokas after the aarti which he remembers by-heart(I wonder how?). On specific days during these festivals, he also becomes different. He also does what we call in Gujarati 'Dhune chhe' (ધુણે છે) .(Shakes the body with great power)This friend of mine is almost same age as mine and is a well-educated person. We may have to shift towards the walls and give him enough space when 'God' enters his body.

One of my aunts says Meladi Ma enters her body, another believes Bhuvaneshwari Ma enters into her. An uncle who visits my place can call Ashapura Ma whenever he wishes to call her into his body. My family members even though, elder than these people, bow down to them and seek their Aashirwaad when respective Gods enter their bodies.

At times, the people in whose bodies God enter become violent also and they hurt the person in front of them. They may slap the person or call certain person by calling out his/her name if that person is not in the vicinity. They remember old incidents and quote them during the conversation with the people in front of them while constantly shaking their hands and sometimes with their eyes moving in circular motion or in the upward direction.

I don't believe in this phenomenon. Earlier I used to when I was a child. During my S.S.C exam I had gone for the darshan of KaliMata Woman and seeked her blessings and kept the rice she had given me in my pocket while writing the exam. I had scored 90.85% in S.S.C exams. But today I am sure, it was my hardwork (and luck also) that fetched me good result. One of my cousins also had gone and seeked her blessings, but he had failed!

Today, I firmly believe that God can not enter a human body. Human is so small and God is so great that even if the human wishes/believes God enters his/her body, it may be a state of mind and a psychological phenomenon. Humans commits so many sins consciously or unconsciously that something as great as God can not enter the poor human body.

May be one of the reasons why they do so (not all of them though) is to garner attention and seek respect.May be psychologically they start believing that God enters their body to curb an inferiority complex or may be to show that they are special.In some specific cases, I am unable to decide why those individuals must be believing/behaving so.

What are your views?


  1. Dear Vikas

    I am very happy to be a part of this discussion.

    You are very right - God does not enter a human body! Because God already resides there.... in the soul of each human being.

    God is such a peace loving and kind person. When you look at Mother Theresa, what do you feel. A certain kind of aura surrounds her. She has been in many public places but has never been seen like this. But you will notice a God like aura around her.

    I believe that if God resides in you the most natural thing would be the calm surrounding you... the glow on your face which becomes an automatic magnetism that attracts you. Human beings get attracted to the joy that they see in God or in searching God. The opposite repels...

    The fact that even when certain individuals approach absolutely terrifying humans (in their supposedly God resident frame) I believe it is because of the desparate need or rather lack of knowledge of what these individuals truly desire and they are looking for someone from the other realm to answer their prayers and hope they are on the right track...(with poor outcomes)

    You feel so strongly about such people...then I assure you I feel the same and there is a very logical way you recognise the external signs they display :-))

    I'll see you in person and explain why these things happen, because I have personally seen such people been rid of their "possession"

    Lots of love


  2. Hi Vikas;

    The topic may lead to endless arguments :).

    I guess this can be looked at from many angles and it will be really unfare to put all the people in the same basket.

    Not everyone doing such things is fake and not every one is real.

    I have never been to any person who claims to be having heavenly powers or possessed by god and tries to solve people's problems buy blessing them or by giving them rice or locket or some poweder etc to keep with them.

    But when I think about them; I don't see any harm or ill in them as long as they are doing it without taking money from people and doing it as a social service.Atleast they are a hope for many people who have tried everything in the world and lost their hope of getting cured of sickness or tired with their long period of bad fortune etc. Even if we think that the things these god man/women give like rice or locket etc may not really have anything to cure someones illness or someone bad fortune; atlest it has that magic "sugar pill" in them which encourages people go give one more push to come out of their problems or gives them the feeling of that "invisible" support.Don't we remember the day when we finally drove the bicyle on our own? We thought that someone was holding the cycle from behind when there was no one !

    Having said this, the person will never be real if he/she claims to be having god in them and charging money to people in god's name.

    There is another group of people who doesn't claim to be possessed by GOD but they are many times seen in a state of "trance" (in Dhun) during prayers etc. I guess thats just something similar to "Dhyan" or "meditation" as we say in yoga or even in regular life when some one is concentrating on something.They get so involved with the prayer,singing and image of god that they forget their own self and even loose control from their own body movements (the action which u said "Dhune chhe").
    Again I don't see any harm in this as long as the individual not using this for their own benifit.

    Other angle to look at this is that as the god created the "poweful" human brain and body which has such controls which can't be emulated even today with all these advancements in computer and digital technologies. If god created such complex and accurate human anatomy, why can't he create people with some divine powers?

    At the end of the day people have to apply their thought process before beleiving any such person.


  3. Each to his own belief. But my own belief is God is there only if you believe so. For those who don't believe in God, this whole discussion will be pointless, for those like me who believe that God is who we are too the whole discussion will not make sense. No humans, no God. But talking of being possessed. I am sure there is some scientific basis for those who get "possessed." But by what exactly is what the believers and non-believers argue about.