Thursday, April 30, 2009

Jaago Re...

I just returned from the polling booth where I exercised my Basic Right. That of Voting. Voting for the right candidate in this Loksabha Elections 2009. It was a great satisfying feeling after voting. I don’t know why but it indeed was. Although, I didn’t have to do anything which involves my physical or mental capability in voting process, I got a very good feeling after exercising my right of being a part of the process of electing right candidate for my constituency, my city and my country. Those of you who are reading this and yet haven’t voted, please do so before 05:00PM today!

After talking a bit about voting, let me now come to the main point of this Blog. I wish to share my feelings with you all about the lethargic attitude of ours. We all are lazy. I don’t know why but we all show this attitude at some or the other point in our lives. Today I heard lot of people saying why to vote? What does politicians do for us? Arre baba, you are not doing any good to the politicians by voting. Understand this simple fact. You are doing good to yourself only by voting. That way you will be able to make difference and elect the right person who will do better for your city and better for your country.
There are many of my friends and colleagues who are 23-24 years old and who would get a chance to vote for the first time. But they have not got their names in the Electoral Voting roll. (Getting your name in this register is a must for voting.) Why? I asked them. The reply was : we didn’t know how to register our names. Now everything shall not come and fall in your lap in life. Right? You have to be a responsible person and get your name in the register your self. Government had run a campaign for doing this registration of names and giving Voter ID cards to all eligible citizens. This campaign was quite systematically run in phases and covering all the areas of our city. There were advertisements in all major newspapers and media. Why didn’t many of those who have not got their voter ID cards or got their names registered in electoral role used this opportunity? Lethargic and reckless attitude. 'Hota hai Chalta hai...' types attitude.
One more thing which made me upset was that many people left Mumbai with their families for a mini vacation. Government didn’t declare a holiday today so that you can run away from your homes to a picnic spot and enjoy. This holiday was given to you so that you can Vote. But many of the people I know have used this opportunity in the wrong manner by opting not to vote and enjoy a mini vacation with their families. Is it a responsible and mature behaviour?

I have come across many people who have not updated their latest and proper details at the right places. Like many of my acquaintances and friends have not got their voter ID cards cancelled in the older places/states they lived in before. They have moved now to a new place/state. But they have not updated their details in electoral rolls. They can not vote at the new place due to this. They neither vote at the new place nor go their old place and vote there. They waste their voting power and right. My cousin used to stay near my place a few years ago. But after moving to a new place, she didn’t update her address in the places where she regularly got mails and letters from. After five years, still letters and mail in her name come to my place. (As the postman knows that she in my cousin and I would make them reach her). She is now married also and has got second new address after shifting to the new place five years ago. But still she has not updated her details. In my office also I get to see many letters, official documents, bills etc. in the name of employees who had left my organization a few years ago! I feel irate and irritated. Why don’t they update their latest address details in time? Why this carelessness and Lethargy?

We all procrastinate. This is a very bad habit. We all must remember those lines we studied in our school days
कल करे सो आज कर
आज करे सो अब...

(Do tomorrow’s work today and today’s work Now!)
& get rid of the bad habit of delaying things and taking things for granted.


  1. Nice blog mate.... Its been a pleasure reading your blogs and this time again u have succeeded in making ur point. Points your have given here are completely right and basic once, which we r used to ignore or which we can rectify at any time.

    Keep doing the good work... cheers !!


  2. Nice blog.
    After Mumbai attack I thought there will be 90-100% turnout but looking at the selfishness of people i really was disappointed. The holiday wasn't for them it was for the country. It clearly shows the attitude of people and hence they deserve the pathetic condition they are living. I hate when people say that all politicians are same. I can show in every constituency that there are some independents who fight the election for wildlife and environment, you can vote them to power. Mostly they are poor candidates and most of the time even newspaper fail to raise their voice.

  3. vikasbhai, i am divyesh kothari living in delhi. when i had gone to voting station to cast my vote with my family members -our names were not in the so-called updated list of election commission of india. so after running 2-3 hours from one polling booth to another we could not cast our valuable vote and became 'unwillingly pappu'. is this our fault ? tell me -my blog is
    my e mail id is -