Saturday, April 11, 2009

A New Chapter of My Life - as an Artiste...

It was one of the grand rehearsals (GR) of a Gujarati play ‘Sharda’ some 10 years back or so. My father was acting in that play so he had taken me along for the GR. I was sitting in the audience section in the darkness and the play was being rehearsed for the last few times before the live grand opening show. Artistes had put on make up and were in their proper dresses of the characters they were playing. There were lights of different colours – dim and bright alternately, of different colours making faces of artistes red or green or blue as per the mood of the scene of the play.

The loud music being played was magical. I was enthralled and swayed in awe by the performances. I reached into a different world that day. My senses were enjoying each and every moment of that new world. A dream was born in the auditorium there at that instance on that day. I wished from the bottom of my heart that I want to be there – there on THAT stage, perform. Feel those different shades on my face. Dance or act on those melodious musical tunes.

After that instance also, on several occasions I went to see Gujarati plays and loved to do so. On every such occasion whenever after the play, I used to go back-stage and wish artistes and appreciate their work, that dormant wish, that sleeping dream awoke. But for those few moments only.

I completed my B.E. degree, joined one of the Best organizations of India as a software professional, and completed my M.B.A. also. During all these years, I got a few opportunities to try my performing skills on the annual day events or in college festivals or such similar functions. But I could not do anything on professional front until 2008.


I had joined acting and personality development workshop called ‘Theatrix’ a few years ago and enjoyed all those sessions very much and learnt a lot there. Utkarsh Majumdar (A Gujarati veteran stage actor) met me during one of the Theatrix sessions at Birla Krida Kendra (at churniroad) and when I introduced my self as Mr. Ghanshyam Nayak’s son, he was very pleased to see me. He told me I had to take forward the legacy of my father and forefathers – that of acting. It didn’t have to stop. I was touched by those words and the dormant wish and the sleeping dream again were agitated.


My Grandpa's father - Keshavlal Kapatar.
Original Name - Shree Keshavlal Shivram Nayak
He was a very famous comedian of Shree Deshi Natak Samaj. He had performed lot of Gujarati plays in Bhangwadi. In one of such Super Hit plays called 'Arunoday' he had played character of a Compounder so well and that character became so very famous that he was started being called 'Keshavlal Kapatar' ('Kapatar' was gujju-deshi version of the English word 'compounder')

My Grandfather - Prabhakar Kirti (Ranglal Nayak)
Original Name - Shree Prabhakar Keshavlal Nayak
He was also a very famous comedian of Gujarati Rangbhoomi and Cinema. He had acted in hundreds of Gujarati Plays and Movies. He was also a well-known All India Radio (Aakashwani) artiste. In one of his very famous Gujarati play called 'Sarmukhatyar' he had played the female character of heroine 'Kirti Devi' so well that he was given a name 'Prabhakar Kirti'.

My Father - Gujarati Bhavai's 'Ranglo'
Original Name - Shree Ghanshyam Prabhakar Nayak
He is also a very famous comedian of Gujarati Rangbhoomi and Gujarati as well as Hindi Cinema. He is also a very good and well known T.V. and radio artiste. Through the immortal character of 'Ranglo' he is the lone folk-artiste in Mumbai who has kept the Gujarati Loknatya(folkdrama) of 'Bhavai' alive today.
His Profile you can see at the website :

And finally the 4th Generation - me now!

Yes…I began acting in my first ever professional Gujarati stage venture called ‘ૐ Shree Mad Bhagawat Akshar Deh Roope’.

On 14th Feb. 2009, in the first show, at Birla Matushree Sabhagruh I began my new journey to carry forward the legacy of my three generations. A new phase of my life – that as an actor started. I had worn make up and costumes! And in that show I played 8 different characters! I don’t feel there could have been a better start than this. 8 different roles, those too in a program related to God! In first show I was feeling a potpourri of emotions – nervousness, excitement, zeal etc. etc. I was overwhelmed to have received a good feedback. First show was performed with all possible goof-ups and glitches (which are common in any professional play) but it was appreciated and liked by the audience. I was also satisfied with my performance. One entry (that as Dashrath Raja) I made late due to very less time between my previous get-up as that of Janak Raja and the change as Dashrath Raja. Director had to run and scream in the make up room ‘Vikas kyaa chhe? Eni entry chhe Dashrath na role nee…’ (Where is Vikas? He has to enter on the stage as Dashrath immediately…) and I had to run! But I handled the situation well and the scene was played well.

Second show was played on 21st Feb. 2009 in Tejpal Auditorium where my father had begun his career as an actor. I was feeling great pride! This show onwards I had to play seven roles. (The Janak Raja’s role was assigned to somebody else so that I get proper time to be ready for my Dashrath Raja’s role). 3rd, 4th and 5th shows were played in Birla Matushree. Iskon Auditorium and Dinanath Sabhagruh respectively. My wife and sister watched me act in 1st show and my sister complimented me that I look like my late grandfather ‘Prbhakar Kirti’ on stage.

My Dad and uncle saw me perform in 5th show. They both appreciated my act. With every show I am trying to improve more as an actor and do better.

Please note few next shows details:

11th show --> Zaverben Sabhgruh, Ghatkopar on 12th July 2009 at 4 PM

12th show --> Dinanath Sabhagruh , Vile Parle(E) on 17th July 2009 at 8:30 PM

13th show --> Tejpal, GovaliyaTank, GrantRoad on 18th July at 8 PM

14th show --> Birla Matushree Sabhagruh, Churchgate on 25th July at 8 PM

Please come and watch me perform on stage and give your honest feedback. I will wait!!!

The official website of my play:

The Video can be seen on You Tube at:


  1. Man,

    U've made me feel proud. Keep up the good work.

    Aur koi chhota mota role ho jaise ki table, tree, chair etc., toh mujhe jaroor ek chance dena.

    I want to watch your show par kya kare, recession time, you know.

    Kuch complementary passes arrange ho sakte hai toh dekh...


  2. Hi Vikas;

    You seem to be doing a lot of activities;blogging, writing books,acting,radio news reading etc etc. Good that you have so much enthusiasm in you. One day you will be a famous person. Don't forget us then.

    Jayesh Joshi

  3. Awesome and amazing ... legacy being created ... All the best ... I will get to see it when I visit Bombay next ... Till then keep improving :D

  4. Hey Vikas,

    Congrats....good to see that u r enjoying life!!! keep it up!!!

    best of luck!!


  5. nice one...jabardast!!
    - Vinayak Tendulkar

  6. wish u a very best of luck and huge success in this new venture....