Wednesday, November 25, 2009

26 November

Today is 26th November. A date which Mumbai will never forget. Exactly 1 year back on this same date Terrorists attacked Mumbai and killed hundreds of innocent people. City was shaken. It was not only an attack on its people but was also on its vulnerability, its alertness, its security, its pride and its soul. The entire nation stood still and watched the drama which lasted for about three days. Police force lost its brave officers. Security forces sacrificed their brave heroes. Politicians didn't do anything. Who were at real loss? The people who lost their family members in this Blood-shed. Nothing will ever fill the void created in their lives by the loss of the martyrs who lost their lives in the 26 November episode.

My blood boiled when I read a couple of news items in the papers in last few days. One news was that JJ Hospital morgue can not withstand the stench of the deadbodies of the nine terrorists who got killed during the terrorist attack after 26-November-2008. Can you believe that? It has been a year and still the rotten corpses of those satans are still kept preserved in India. What do we want to prove? Their own country is not ready to even provide them land for their burial for which they claimed they were doing their Jihad. And after their clear refusal of accepting these dead-bodies also we are waiting for what? These carcasses should be immediately disposed off. But who cares?

Second news which made me angry was that there is a video game which is being sold largely and is being played by lot of Mumbaikars.
This video game is on 26-November-2008 attack. Don't we have conscience? It is a shame to earn money on such a concept. It is some kind of joke? some kind of fun?what do the game makers want to convey through creation of such a game? They are greed-blind but what about Mumbaikars who purchase such games and watch their children play such game or play it themselves? Rescue operation, shooting of gun, killing people - what does all these things in such a game give you or your child? Entertainment or Sadistic pleasure? I simply hated the idea of this game.

Third thing which irate and irritate me is the treatment given to Ajmal Amir Kasab by our government and legal system. Lakhs (now it must have summed to more than a crore) of rupees is being spent on the security of this man. Sorry, I used the wrong word. An evil like Kasab can not be called a man. He is worse than an animal. He had killed so many innocent people (he was from the duo who killed maximum people by firing indiscriminately at CST, Kama hospital and than on the road in south Mumbai also killing our heroic ATS chief and other brave police officers) and yet after a year he is alive and is being protected by our government and legal system. Such a heinous criminal shall be hanged in the middle of the road among people and shall be allowed to be killed in the most horrible manner by the public. That would not only set an example for the world but also would be seen as an effective step towards curbing the evil of terrorism.

There were numerous other stories of people whose lives were completely changed or shattered by 26 November incident. There was a 25 year old guy who got killed in Colaba near his own home. The picture of his sad mother holding her beloved young son's photo frame who had never hurted anybody in his life and was always ready to help others made the corners of my eyes wet. Major Sandip Unnikrishnan was the only son to his parents who gave his life fighting with the terrorists. The sentiments his parents might be feeling when they miss their brave martyr son makes me cry. There was a lady whose partial body got paralyzed and then there are some children who are now orphans.

These and such hundred other stories make me feel a potpourri of emotions. I feel pity, grief, anger, helpless, sad all at the same time.

When our netas will stop playing dirty politics and stop cribbing about completely non-important and trivial issues like deciding to build a statue worth millions of rupees in the middle of the sea or slapping an MLA for taking oath in Hindi or by forcing the vendors to put Sign boards in Marathi?

God, please give good sense to all of us and please make this city a better place for living...


  1. Every mumbaikar thoghts in the same way as you thoght, but nobody has guts to come with some action.

    We want some one like the role played by Nasiruddinn Shah in "Wednesday".

    Then only our dirty politician will understad.

  2. Very Well reflects our behaviour of Surroundings...

    - Nirav Gosar

  3. Please don't use officers word for any forces in india. Because officers means only high rank people in task forces.... so please mention some common word which will talk about whole task forces not about only a group of people.

    Sanjesh Verma