Sunday, December 13, 2009

We have to be more responsible citizens...

A news story of my neighbourhood in Malad in today’s newspaper shook me. I was shocked to read that a thief was beaten to death by normal citizens like you and me.
I am neither writing this blog to favour the thief nor do I want to become a human-right activist. But the story of the dead thief actually shocked me.
There were three guys who broke into a house in a chawl in Malad at around 3:00 am and somebody came to know about them and he shouted and gathered the crowd. Two of the thieves ran away but one got caught by the mob and the mob does not have any sanity. They tied him upside down near the gate of their colony and brutally bit them. All of them, one by one. The poor thief all by himself. He was 30 years old and could not take the beating. Died on the spot before police came and took him to the hospital.
Now question here is: Did the mob do right thing? I am not at all in favour of it. A Life has been lost. Isn't it too much the penalty for a petty crime? I am not advocating any thief and would certainly feel angry at a person getting red-handed trying to rob or do any kind of crime. But who are we to punish? And that too such severe punishment which can end a life? Let police do their job.
In mob, the mentality is very bad. Any person joining the mob would not think and enquire the matter. He would simply join hands in beating the poor culprit. It’s sad. In train or in bus or on the street , you many times find such incidents where people gather and start beating one person who may not even be guilty sometime. This 'haath-safai' attitude I hate. People want to remove their frustration, their anger, their sadness, their helplessness. But is it fair?
In future, if you notice such a tamasha, Please intervene and save the person from the mob. I am not asking you to leave that person who may be guilty. But by doing this, you may save a life. Because mad crowd would not think much and may kill the person by severely beating him to death. You may ask the mob politely to stop beating and as a responsible citizen, take him to the police with the help of others in the crowd. If police is not around, you may even call emergency number of police (100) and ask for help. But for God's sake and for that suspect fellow's life's sack, don't let the mob take the control in its hands and let something undesirable, unjust happen.
May the soul of the thief, who died today rest in peace and God, please don't make him a thief in his next birth...


  1. You have raised a valid point.
    I have read such incidents in newspaper where a mob kills such people on the spot. the mob shows the frustration, anger,sadness to poor people.
    why the people who do serious crimes such as HAWALA, BIG monetory SCAMS, RAPE, killing are not handled in such a way.
    According to me a rapist should be killed in such a way.

    besides these, the corrupt politicians who do scams and divide people should be handed over to such frustrated mobs to kill them.

    But the agony is that our Govt, provides Z-level security to such people and that to with the money of people like ours who earn less but pay more TAX.

    In India, there are many divisive forces in to existince.
    eg. division by language,region, caste, religion, enthicity,sex, occupation, reservation, social status, by money(rich-poor), jihad, hinduism, etc

    I dont know how India(mera BHARAT) wil survive in near future.

    Judiciary system needs inprovement.
    A case gets finalized in 20-30 years, a whole life of a person goes in going court.

    There should eb educational qualifications for politicians.
    if there is any criminal case against any politician , he should step down from his post.

    No expenses and facilities to be given to them besides basic amenities as in case of common man.

  2. I do agree with your point, but sometimes may b mob may not be having idea of such incident will happen.In that case mob has only idea of giving little punishment,generally police comes and take him to police station and after giving some days of custody againg the person will start doing the same.

    I am not with mob who has taken this action but you c the cromes happens in the country and it never stops.

    Kasab is still alive after so many lives died and we are loosing so much money for his life what is the use of that.

    I agree its a duty of police or governemnt but now what is the solution?????

    still we live in fear of more n more tarrrisoum

    so instead of spending lot of money and man power behind criminal like kasab we can divert those money in some good cause.

    And that is why mob would have been frusted

    and they have thot to give punishment by way of this and this might have happend.

    Vikas i feel the way you feel for the humanbeing and not to do the duty which is not ours, but sometimes its requred,

    You see lot of rapes cases happens and still thoes people are moving in the world without fear, if we kill them will not be a crime i think about the person who has victim of rape.

    Hope this will make your feeling good towards mob.

    Wish that thief saoul may be in peace.


  3. Hi. Vikas. they guy was not a born thief. People in our country dont understand a person is made because of the situations he faces in life. But the law and order situation in our country is such a sham, no wonder everyone there days is taking the law in their own hands.

    - Jessica Monteiro