Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Verdict of a gang rape case...

A rape case verdict came in just two months time in a very controversial gang rape case of Surat in Gujarat. I was very glad to read this news when generally in India any legal battle takes years and many times the genuine people never get justice in their lifetime. Ruchika case recently in news is the best example of this. Even Neeraj Grover murder case or Shiny Ahuja rape case in spite of having been occurred in metro city like Mumbai yet continue with series of hearings only. Many such cases garner lot of media attention but then with time media interest fades and these cases creep into oblivion and get erased from public memory. How many of us remember about Abhishek Kasliwal case or Patrawala kidnapping and murder case? Many such cases do not see light of the day after a period due to lack of strong evidence or due to strong political link of the accused. In such a grave scenario, a gang rape case where a police officer's son and his other two friends are the criminals and the victim is a poor young girl of class12, getting verdict in the court of law is more than a welcome change.
Rape is the most heinous crime where the victim has to suffer the repercussions throughout life. Society is yet not mature enough to accept rape victims with grace which is a pity. Many such victims commit suicide or if the raper is influential then the life of victim becomes worse than hell.
Few days back I had read news on a rape victim nurse who had been raped 36 years ago in a hospital by a ward boy and she is in the comma till date. The ward boy mercilessly tied a metal chain in the nurse’s neck so that she could not shout and raped her. This caused the shocked and traumatized nurse to go into the comma. The ward boy was caught and was given the punishment of seven years imprisonment. But the poor nurse is still suffering with her life like a vegetable and after 36 years of this terrible incident yet she hangs between life and death. She was 28-29 years of age when she was raped and today she is above 60 and her family also has left her on her own. The hospital has given her a special ward and the nurses look after her.
Every day you read in the newspaper about some minor or some child getting raped these days. 2-3 days back I read about a young guy who went to some person for seeking a job and upon finding his 15year old daughter alone, forcefully entered the home and raped the girl.He was caught by the neighbours and later repented. It is a weak moment of impulse in which man commits such a gruesome and abhorable crime.
I feel girls today shall become bold and brave. In a situation like that of a rape in fact they shall become stronger and protest and defend themselves bravely. If they get frightened or scared, the Satan in the form of man will succeed in committing this inhumanly crime. But if the girl under attack protests and give a strong blow on the nose or a strong kick in between his legs, the rape may be avoided.
I would end this blog with the prayer to God to give sanity to all humans to be good with others around them and with the hope that like in the gang rape case of Surat, Indian judiciary system improves and give faster verdicts.

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