Friday, March 5, 2010

My Tweets in Jan - Feb 2010...

* Happy New Year to all the Twitters!!! Happy 2010...
11:46 AM Dec 31st, 2009

* What a unique way to start a new fresh year!I have almost completed 2 shows of my play out of 21 tobe performed in a row in 7days...enjoyin!
5:42 AM Jan 1st

* 5th shw of our Bhagwat play attended by VaishnavGuru VaishaliBetiji.She blessed us all & liked our shw.we all r vry happy!
6:55 AM Jan 2nd

* 3days of Bhagawat Mahayagna almost over.
6:29 AM Jan 3rd

* 3days of Bhagawat Mahayagna almost over.V have finished 8 shows in a row & yet 13 more to go!v r completely 'Bhagawatmay'!Bhagwat rocks!
6:32 AM Jan 3rd

* Almst the entire team of Bhagwat is staying at bunglow in Borivali.It's like picnic & loads of fun!fighting 4 bathroom now..!
7:11 PM Jan 3rd

* Having group break-fast, lunch or dinner is so much fun!Maharaj made a tasty dinner lst night&nice theplas for breakfast now!
8:38 PM Jan 3rd

* It's a mammoth task 2 do 21shows in 7days in a row.Lot mny un4seen things nvr-thot-of crops up.Bt v completd 13shws alrdy.Hop 8mr go nicely

* Since last four days we are cut-off from the outside world & r living a new diff life.completd 14 shows of Bhagwat in lst 4dys.7 more 2 go
6:37 AM Jan 5th

* Rehearsing @2 in the night for tmrw's 2 hindi shows of 'Bhagwat' aftr havin group-dinner with team.last 2 days of our mahayagna left now!
1:13 PM Jan 5th

* Last night here @Mangalya Bnglows & we-bhagwat team having grt time!tmrw last day of our Bhagwat Mahayagnya.We wd miss being tgthr a lot...
12:00 PM Jan 6th

* 21st show of OmShreemadBhagwat will start in a few minutes!In a few moments 7 day Mahayagnya will b ovr.we wd miss it like anythin!
7:17 AM Jan 7th

* I felt as if I hv cm into a new diff. World tdy aftr staying disconnected from routine life 4 Bhagwat Mahayagnya.feeling vry vry different!
5:09 AM Jan 8th

* change is the only constant in life.wht wd we be & hw wd life be without change!we shd embrace change, for good...
5:12 AM Jan 8th

* Though I enjyed evry bit of Bhagwat Mahayagnya - 21 continuous shows in lst 7 days,I feel relyxed now.evry thing shall come 2 a graceful end
5:16 AM Jan 8th

* sight of setting,orange sun is so beautiful!Look like a bindi on sky's forehead!I guess I shd leave office early evrydy 2 enjoy this sight!
4:44 AM Jan 11th

* A blind man with his stick was passing frm opp. Pltfrm on malad stn.Kind of funny & long stare a lady standing thr gave him made me laugh!
8:25 PM Jan 11th

* Pretty excited to run in tmrw's marathon.goin now 2 cllct the running kit & feeling the flair here already on the way..!
2:25 AM Jan 16th

* Oh this goodie-running-kit contains so many good items!I jst took a long walk on marin drv promend up2 chrnird flaunting my cute goodie bag!
5:09 AM Jan 16th

* Its a wndrful experience 2 enjoy sunset sitting at marine drive.u feel as if u r in a diff. World!
5:10 AM Jan 16th

* Yippeee...I am going 2 run Dream Marathon Mumbai'10...So mny othr runners in thier sports-corport wear on Malad stn as well as in the train!
5:59 PM Jan 16th

* Mumbai has caught Marathon-fever!!!The excitement is in the air and in the spirit of Mumbai now!!!
6:01 PM Jan 16th

* Marathon was a gr8 experience.After it I have become health conscious & started enjoying walking..!
5:38 AM Jan 19th

* U feel good when u rise early & start ur day early in the mornin.A walk in fresh morning air charges u up!why I don't wakeup early everyday?
6:07 PM Jan 21st

* Had an incredible experience enjoying 3D Avatar @imax wadala.Mst watch.Superb.Outstanding.Absolutely Amazing!See with ur family,a gr8 gift!
10:14 AM Jan 24th

* Wearing smthin different ocassionally @ office gives gr8 change & a nice feeling!I always enjoy it!Tdy my whole team supprtd me!It ws fun!!
8:13 AM Jan 25th

* Tdy me & my team wore white kurta-pajama & tricolor dupatta(specially designed for tdy) in the office.We got special attention by evrybdy!
8:10 AM Jan 25th

* I love indian carnatic music vry mch.It has power 2 touch ur soul & tk u 2 a diff. World.enjyin MorningRaga songs now which r dear 2 my hrt!
Jan 25th

* Finally I got connected to internet thru my mobile while roamimg in gujarat.Feeling gr8!wd chk my mails & then tweet!ciao!
9:12 AM Jan 31st

* Joined gym after more than 7 years from 1st Feb. All my muscles paining a lot today but hv no cmplaints abt it!Soon I will b in shape!!!
6:44 AM Feb 4th

* 3rd edition of my first three gujarati books & 2nd edition of my 4th gujarati book r being publishd.Yippeee!I m 2 glad!!
7:17 AM Feb 4th

* Why this happns always @busstop?whn we r waitin 4 a specific bus,it will nvr come 4 long time.At othr times same number bus comes in lots!
5:57 AM Feb 6th

* This also happens invariably tht whn v hv 2 rch sm plc in time, we get late,get stuck in traffic & so on..!
5:58 AM Feb 6th

* @antik: smbdy commented me on my tummy on annual day of NSE.That motivated me to join gym!Also I wanna sty fit...
7:42 AM Feb 6th

* Jst visited a temple whr SandhyaAarti was going on.Dholak was being played by a lady & so were Manjiras.Aarti singer was too a lady.liked i!
7:48 AM Feb 6th

* It's vry good tht Rahul Gandhi trvlld by m'bai locals bt he shd hv tried ctchin local frm malad durin mornin peak hrs.He cdn't ctch it only
8:33 PM Feb 7th

* It's unfortunate tht 'My Name Is Khan' could not release in M'bai.I saw it tdy in Mahesana-Gujarat.It's a wndrful movie.Mst watch.Don't miss
9:50 AM Feb 12th

* I was wrong in writing MNIK couldn't release in M'bai.But I m happy to knw that it did.It was 2nd slap on sena's face!Hope this wake them up
1:24 AM Feb 13th

* @antik : look who is talking. Ishqiya ka plan banate waqt kisi ne mere baare me socha tha?btw, how was it? Or let me ask did u guys go 4 it
1:28 AM Feb 13th

* Can u write ur mind truly & opnly on an open space like this?atleast i dont think i can!wht if the prsn about whom i write,read it?
6:55 AM Feb 16th

* A good song /music can enhance ur mood!A song from khamoshi did it to me!I m cheerful & happy since morning!
11:48 PM Feb 17th

* Two holidays of the weekend now!what a relief!How life would have been without weekend holidays,I wonder!!
8:05 AM Feb 19th

* Going 2 attnd 9thGujarati Transmedia Films&Stage award night tdy with my dad.Would be thr between a gamut of gujju entertainment industry.
4:50 AM Feb 20th

* Things gettin bck 2 normlcy in offc now.Omkar rtrnd aftr 2.5mnths typhoid brk.2new ppl joind my team.We got a new SnrMngr too...
8:24 AM Feb 24th

* Today I spent the whole day with my loving wife Ami.Did holi darshan,learnt littl scooty drivin &saw was good!
10:23 AM Feb 28th

* Lst 2 lst holi @ GoraiBeach,lst holi with my OmShrimadBhagwat nt celebrtin holi this yr anywhr :-( nyway,Hppy&clrful Holi 2 all!
9:07 PM Feb 28th

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