Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Earth Hour This Saturday...Batti Bandh Please!!!

Citizens from across the globe, in hundreds of cities around the world are switching their lights off on March 27 , 2010 for one hour, from 08:30 PM to 09:30 PM, to raise their voice against Climate Change.India is also going to be one of the participants of this program.Tell your family, friends and colleagues about WWF Earth Hour, and ask them to join in and switch off for a healthy planet.

If you are thinking what would one do during this dark one hour...then my friends....there is lot that can be done...just a few creative thoughts...

---> You may sit with your family members and can have a candle - light talk/dinner/ antakshari session...!!!
---> You may convince your other locality friends and play some game in your area in this dark hour!
---> Sleep! (its winter so fans are anyway not required!)
---> Don't do anything ...!just sit idle/ meditate/ make the plans for what to do onthe new year eve!
---> Talk with your other friends/relatives on your phone/mobile
---> Anything which you can think of doing in the darkness!!!

Please be a part of this drive...and spread awareness about Climate Change/Global energy...and Be Responsible.....!!!

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