Friday, October 29, 2010

Obama is coming..!!!

My friend Darshan Dodia (@darshandodia) has twitted some real funny humorous tweets:

* In name of God we clean our hearts; in name of festivals we clean our houses & in name of obama we clean our city !

* Finally colaba gets a facelift; plants r now watered, streets cleaned, debris removed, dividers repainted. THANK YOU @obama

* Obama shld make this a yearly trip to india. Atleast that way govt will be on their toes abt nations security.

Though it seems funny,we are like that only! In gujarati an idiom says "આગ લાગે ત્યારે જ કૂવો ખોદવા બેસે" meaning we start digging well when fire has already caught.We procrastinate. We don't care or bother at times or rather most of the times.

Another point to this issue is we do things as they have to be done only when somebody is watching. I had read somewhere Quality is doing the Best when nobody is watching.Obama is coming,let's clean our city.Prime minister or president is going to come,clean the place, repair the roads, beautify the surroundings. Why such showiness? Can't we always maintain all these things in order when some VIP is not visiting?

Also we are crazy lot. We revere celebrities like Gods. We treat them with utmost respect (and at times neglect the ones who truly cares for us).We get influenced easily.We have to learn maintaining self-dignity.We often forget about it when somebody of higher stature or position we come across.We shall treat every individual with same respect and care.

We need to stop being hypocrite and learn to be our true selves. God give us all power to do this!


  1. truly said.we know that whenever celebrities come to our city,we try to repair infrastructures.and the next day it is the same as earlier.henry ford said above quotes.

    himanshu shah

  2. O-Baba ... O-Maa !!! :p

  3. It is not only in tha case of Obama or a Celebrity. It also happens when Sonia Gandhi or Prathibha Patil Comes to some Slums. The road are repaired in no time. This shows that they have the ability to complete the work in time but there is no will to do it. In Mumbai we should always pray that after rains either Sonia or any known Politicians should go for a round of the city. Atleast My Mumbai Roads will be repaired urgently - Samir Shukla

  4. V. true... if not obama, at least sm dignitary shld keep visiting our country at regular intervals so that the area gets regular facelifts!!!

    Srilaxmi V. Pai

  5. Well said, everybody should be treated equally and fairly

    Why there should be special treatment to specific people ?
    ALL ARE EQUAL, we need to spread awareness……